GIICOMVEC Post Show Report

With great success at its conclusion, the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020 established new standards for the country’s commercial vehicle sector. Over 16,000 square meters of exhibition area were used for the event, and 43 exhibitors showed off their state-of-the-art products. With 10,359 visitors in total, including purchasers from various industrial backgrounds, the expo proved to be an important forum for those who are passionate about commercial vehicles.

Four brand-new cars designed specifically for the Indonesian market were unveiled at the event, and a fifth vehicle made a grand debut, indicating that it will soon hit the market. A notable attendance of 757 journalists representing 177 media outlets recorded the events, producing an impressive 1,833 stories.

Top 7 Visitor Products Interest

The top seven products that attracted the greatest attention from visitors were interestingly composed of 28% trucks, 24% buses and coaches, 10% pickup trucks, 8% technology solutions, 7% carroserrie, 6% double cabin vehicles, and 5% parts and components. This indicates that the commercial vehicle industry has a diverse range of preferences.

Many Reasons to Visit GIICOMVEC

There were many reasons why visitors flocked to the GIICOMVEC expo: 24% were interested in networking, 19% wanted to make new contacts, 16% wanted to stay up to date on industry trends, 14% wanted to place orders, 12% wanted to evaluate and compare products, and 15% came for other reasons.

Visitors Proffessional Backgrounds

Furthermore, a thorough examination of the visitors’ professional backgrounds showed that 25% worked in truck and logistics, 22% operated buses and were transportation specialists, 9% were from car dealerships and workshops, 6% were from the retail industry, and 4% each were connected to the tour and travel, construction, mining, oil, and gas, and retail sectors. Undoubtedly, the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo 2020 has had a profound impact on the Indonesian commercial vehicle scene that will continue to be felt for many years to come.

GIICOMVEC Post Show 2020